by Slick Lisp

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Eric Bartell - Bass
Jeremy Bosch - Guitar
Ian Shaw - Drums
Scott Thomas - Vocals, Guitar


released August 14, 2015

Recorded at Perennial Sound Studio in Champaign, IL and mixed by Ryan Groff.


all rights reserved



Slick Lisp Champaign, Illinois

Established in Champaign, IL in 2015, Slick Lisp has been hard at work creating original songs that channel their favorite parts of the previous four decades of rock music. With influences such as Alabama Shakes, Thin Lizzy, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty (and many more), their music has a blues/alternative sound with a modern spin that's never short on energy or emotion. ... more

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Track Name: Unicorn
She takes the man out of me
Like I’m eleven years old
A drink and I should seem interesting
Lunchbox, I’m on a roll

Last call to make mistakes
Better throw it on the wall and see what sticks

I caught her looking at me
Around a quarter to four
She has a condescending stare
She’s always looking for more

Like that she’s up in smoke
Watch her running out the door with some eager stroke
Left here to self-medicate
Regret, dissect, perpetuate


She started working on me
Around 2004
She had me hook, line, and sinker
Since then I’ve come back for more

And here I am with hat in hand
Face the dawn alone again, you understand?
Left here to self-medicate
Regret, dissect, perpetuate


She’s a myth, she’s a creature
She’s a unicorn
Track Name: Miss Piggy Is a Sun
One day to another
Shouldn’t stare at it
Sun burns and it blisters all my friends
She’s at it again

Spin spin goes the fervor
Little spots and flares
We’re rocks trying to float away from it
She pulls us in

Enigmatic little darlin’
Sun goes down in the morning

{She’s callin’ out “Eh Eh”
She’s carried away
She’s burning up Mexico to Canada}

Rainfall, cloud cover
Is she gone for good now?
Miss Piggy she dissipates the rain
She warms my air

And machines won’t deter her
And her mighty power
Man yearns just to feel her radiate
Half a world away

Enigmatic little darlin’
Sun goes down in the morning

Track Name: Pan Am Smile
I’m jaded
I’m sorry
Not sure just when it started
You see it
No secret
Somehow became a demon
This here is
The last time
For I have committed no crime
I’m human
You’re human
New Year’s will promise other roles

This isn’t
The first time
That I have spoken my mind
It’s honest
No filter
Take it just as you will, sir
I know that
Downward glance
This talk has gone the wrong path
Don’t forget
I hope to find another role
Beyond the status quo

Go forward
No room for reprisal
So cunning, guile
Pan Am smile
Track Name: Instant Gratification
Get laid get paid and lose a hundred pounds
I know you’ve seen it before
It only takes eleven minutes a day
Keep looking further no more
Forget about all the work it takes
That’s just a thing of the past
This lesson here is how to cheat the game
Accomplish everything fast

{See what I bought today
It should take all my life to repay}

The TV family has all that I want
How can I be more like them?
Who am I if I can’t live up to that?
Impress my family and friends
I just bought a BMW
It cost me 62 grand
A second mortgage and an IOU
Should help me pay back the man


I don’t care about the consequence
I won’t even pretend
I just want to have it all today
Instant gratification

Track Name: Death & Taxes
Little Mona Lisa layin’ by my side
Gazing up into the northern lights
Out of this universe we emerge
Our time runs out and then we return

It could be our last day on Earth
Still don’t know just what it’s worth
Today’s the youngest you’ll ever be
So live it up and come away with me

{Keep running, it’s coming
I would rest if I were you, save your breath for something new}

There’s a sense of impending doom
First or last one left in the room
I don’t know just which side I’m on
To speculate is a futile job
Whatever’s next occupies your mind
Maybe yours, but no way not mine


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